Understanding HVAC systems is an integral part of maintaining the temperature and comfort of your home, but getting to grips with the terminology and technical aspects of these systems can be a little more challenging. Just how does a commercial HVAC system work? 

Here at Western Bay Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge, helping you make smart, informed decisions that benefit your home and family. With this in mind, we took a closer look at HVAC systems and components to create the ultimate guide.

What Are HVAC Systems?

HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, systems are the various systems used to move air around a building between indoor and outdoor spaces. The goal of HVAC systems is to keep indoor spaces comfortable and ventilated, and this focuses on the transfer of heat, fluid dynamics, and the science of thermodynamics.

How Does A Commercial HVAC System Work?

To better understand how these systems work, we need to understand the various elements and components involved:


The thermostat works to regulate the temperature of your home and will order the HVAC system to kick in when the internal temperature goes above or below a certain point.


Ductwork, or air ducts, move hot and cold air from the HVAC unit to rooms in your home.


The furnace uses a source such as natural gas or propane to heat your home through a blower and heat exchanger. The heat exchanger uses the fuel to generate heat, and the blower then uses the ductwork of your duct system to distribute the now-warm air throughout the home.

Air Conditioner

When your home is too warm, the air conditioner cools the space using refrigerant combined with an indoor and outdoor coil to move heat from place to place. 

The End Result

An HVAC system essentially works by combining all of these elements to help maintain the temperature of your home. The thermostat tells the furnace or air conditioner to get to work, depending on the temperature that it reads, and this will help keep your home comfortable and pleasant, no matter the weather outside.

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