For the modern building, central heating is crucial to surviving the harsh winters, just as air conditioning is necessary for surviving weather at the opposite end of the spectrum. But rarely spoken of is the link between central heating and health.

Is the lack of central heating really as damaging to our health as is thought? Is it enough to merely survive a cold winter with another layer, or by hiding underneath the blankets, or is central heating an absolute necessity?

Building for the climate

As the climate changes, so do our homes, and so do the weather and climate conditions just beyond our door. Inevitably, this will impact the climate on the inside of the house, meaning we have to adjust accordingly. In fact, almost half of the homes in New Zealand do not have adequate insulation.

As well as allowing for some uncomfortable conditions, this lack of central heating can also lead to issues with mould, damp, and other issues that affect the habitability of the dwelling. It really is a case of needing to take care of your home in order for it to take care of you.

Not only will this avoid the aforementioned potential problems, it will also reduce condensation problems and air quality, meaning you and your family can breathe a lot easier. Fundamentally, a well-heated home is a healthy home during those cold months, and indeed beyond.

Many studies have indicated this connection between health and heating, as well as ventilation. The air quality has a significant impact on both physical and mental well-being. With that in mind, taking steps to ensure your own home is well-ventilated and well-heated is crucial, more so than ever given the environmental challenges that we face.

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