Central heating

Efficient & Effective

Central heating keeps homes warm by circulating water through a closed network of pipes. These pipes can be laid into the floor and connected to radiators, creating an efficient, effective system that keeps you and yours toasty through winter.


Central heating installation is the only method that ensures even heating throughout your entire home. With central heating, you’ll regain full use of your house this winter.


Water holds onto heat more efficiently than air. With less energy, your home can stay warm. Central heating is compatible with multiple energy sources. Whether you’re connected to the grid or outfitted with solar, central heating in Tauranga is an option for you.


Warm water central heating keeps families healthy. Gentle, radiant heat warms the air, eliminating the possibility of dust and allergens circulating through the home.

Choose the right central heating service for your home

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Is your home new or existing?

We work to fit your needs. For new builds, it’s more cost-effective to install underfloor heating. For existing homes, retrofitting radiators into heat systems is your best bet. No matter what stage you’re in, we’ll find the right option for you.

Where is your house located?

Location is everything – even for heating. Your location will help us determine what heat source is best for your home. Where natural gas is available, we recommend gas boilers. Other options include diesel boilers, air-to-water heat pumps, biomass boilers or gas boilers on LPG.

What’s your heating solution?

Our commercial heating service takes the same dedicated approach to tailor an ideal heating solution for your business premises.. Tailoring your ideal heating in bay of plenty is a complicated process, and our design engineers are on the case. Our comprehensive plans consider heat demands for each room in your home, insulation, airtightness, ceiling height and window size to determine the correct radiator size and pipe system to bring you an efficient central heating system.

Central heating solutions

Gas Boilers

Diesel Boilers

Heat Pumps

Underfloor Heating

Radiator Heating

Towel Rails

Domestic Hot Water

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