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We provide commercial air conditioning repair services. Air conditioning systems heat, cool and dehumidify. We will work with you to install the best system to meet your needs and advise you on how to achieve comfort and efficiency levels within an optimum 2 degrees variant. 

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High Wall Systems

A High Wall is an air conditioner that is usually mounted just below the ceiling.  Great for lounge rooms and bedrooms.  An alternative to this unit is a floor console – unobtrusive, it is mounted on the wall just above floor level.

Cassette Systems

Cassette Systems

A Cassette system is suited to wide open areas.  Great coverage from the centre of your room, unobtrusive and efficient.

Air Conditioning Outdoor

Ducted Systems

A Ducted, or multi system, is engineered to heat or cool multiple areas or an entire home or office. 

Choose Western Bay Air Conditioning’s air conditioning service in Tauranga because we can be relied upon to deliver an outstanding service. 

Our air conditioning service in Tauranga can suit your temperature needs all year round. With Western Bay Air Conditioning, our air conditioning services are designed to work directly with our customers, and their needs, to install an outstanding system which will best suit any requirements. 

On top of this, our commercial AC services will instruct you on how to reach maximum comfort levels by using efficiency levels within an optimum 2 degrees variant.

For reliable air conditioning services for your residential home, Western Bay Air Conditioning can offer an excellent high-wall system. This high-wall system is an air conditioner which can be mounted just below the ceiling. It is brilliant for bedrooms and living rooms. 

In addition, our commercial air conditioning service supplies Cassette Systems, which are useful for open commercial areas such as gyms or retail stores. This system is best suited to wide-open areas, which is why they are popular in commercial settings.  The cassette system offers exceptional coverage from the centre of the room, making it a dependable choice for your business requirements. 

Alternatively, our residential and commercial Ac installation services in Tauranga also provide a Deducted air conditioning system. This multifunctional AC system can heat or cool down more than one area at a time in residential homes or commercial areas, such as offices. 

Commercial air conditioning services are dependable with Western Bay Air Conditioning. Regardless of your air conditioning needs, Western Bay Air Conditioning can supply you with a system solution. From single-room solutions to whole-home solutions, our systems offer the very best technology to meet your needs. 

Our air conditioning service in Tauranga has over 30 years of experience in air conditioning and can therefore provide in-depth knowledge, skills and technical know-how to expertly manage your specific requirements.

Complete Control. Maximum Comfort.

Whether you’re after a wall mounted unit for your bedroom or a ducted system for the whole home, Fujitsu General has a Heat Pump / Air Conditioning services in Tauranga to suit your heating and cooling needs. 

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A dedicated Bay local who knows a lot about hot air and cold. With 30 years’ experience in heating, air conditioning and ventilation he has the in-depth knowledge, skills and technical know-how to expertly manage your requirements.
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