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Whether you’re after a wall mounted unit for your bedroom or a ducted system for the whole home, Fujitsu General has a Heat Pump / Air Conditioning solution to suit your heating and cooling needs. 
Floor Console

Single Room solutions

Ranging from traditional wall mounted units to ceiling and floor consoles, there’s an energy efficient single room Fujitsu Heat Pump / Air Conditioner to suit any room or space.
Multiple room solutions

Multiple room solutions

A multi system is ideal when individual units are required in more than one room and when a traditional ducted system may not be suitable. Multi systems can cool or heat multiple rooms using just one compact outdoor unit and up to six indoor units can be connected.

Living Room

Whole home solutions

Fujitsu General’s ducted heat pump / air conditioning systems provide whole home comfort. It’s quiet, easy-to-operate and energy efficient, designed to heat or cool multiple rooms or the entire home using optional zone control.  Using a single system concealed in the ceiling, it’s neatly hidden away from view, which means everyone in the house gets the comfort level they want with no arguments and no aesthetics ruined.

anywAiR® Technology:

Fujitsu General has a range of control options to enable Wi-Fi control of your heat pump / air conditioner / ducted system via anywAiR® technology. Very convenient, ensuring you never come home to a cold / hot home again, all at the touch of a button. 


Every Fujitsu heat pump / air conditioner is backed by a 6 year parts and labour warranty when you use a Fujitsu Accredited Installer.

Fujitsu Heat Pumps

Fujitsu heat pumps are regarded as one of the best heat pumps available for Kiwi homes. From a respected and established brand, a Fujitsu heat pump is an excellent choice. No matter if you are trying to keep cool during the summer or warm during the winter, Fujitsu heat pumps can effectively assist with temperature control within your home. 

A heat pump can be a significant investment, which is why it is important that you are confident about your purchase of a Fujitsu heat pump. So, here are several benefits that you could reap if you choose Fujitsu heat pumps: 

1. Trustworthy Brand 

Fujitsu is a well-known and trusted brand throughout New Zealand, satisfying Kiwis for over 40 years with their high-quality air conditioning products. Fujitsu is a reliable brand, committed to delivering products that have undergone rigorous testing, while championing innovative technologies.  

2. Recommended  

Fujitsu heat pumps are recognised and recommended by Asthma New Zealand as being able to provide a healthier environment for all Kiwis, not just those who suffer from asthma and allergies. This means that you can count on Fujitsu heat pumps to enhance indoor air quality within your home. 

3. Award-Winning  

Fujitsu is an award-winning brand, so you can rest assured that their products, including their heat pumps, are manufactured to the highest of standards. Fujitsu is dedicated to meeting customer demands and guaranteeing their satisfaction. It has been crowned ‘Most Trusted Brand’ by Reader’s Digest four years in a row, from 2018 to 2022.  

4. Energy Efficient 

Fujitsu heat pumps consume energy efficiently, meaning that little energy is wasted when it comes to heating and/or cooling your home. You can expect a reduction in your energy bills as a result of this.  

5. Comfort and Convenience 

Each Fujitsu heat pump is designed and produced with customer comfort and satisfaction in mind, which is why it can both effectively cool and warm your home whenever you need it. This includes solutions for single rooms and for multiple rooms, implementing a comprehensive cooling/heating system that accommodates your needs and requirements. 

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